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Pregnancy Massage - 60 Minutes

Prenatal massages are designed to accommodate the changes in your anatomy.

  • 1 h
  • 60 British pounds
  • Haven Road

Service Description

Prenatal massages are designed to accommodate the changes in your anatomy that occur during pregnancy. During a typical massage, you might lie face-down on your abdomen for half of the session (which is impossible when you have a baby tummy) and face-up for the other half (which puts pressure on an important blood vessel that might disrupt blood flow to the baby and cause nausea). However, a skilled massage therapist will adjust as your posture and form change, adding holes or unique cushioning systems to allow you to securely sleep face down while still making space for your expanding breasts and belly. Alternatively, you might rest on the side with cushions and pillows supporting you. Pregnancy Massage, according to research, helps relax and relax your muscles as well as lower stress chemicals in the body. Additionally, it can maintain your lymphatic system operating at optimal efficiency and improve blood flow—both of which are crucial during pregnancy. Additionally, it reestablishes the connection between your body and mind, which is consoling if you occasionally question whether you are carrying a kid or whether an extraterrestrial has moved in.

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