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Thai Massage
Therapist I​n Poole

Release, Relax, Unwind
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Hi, I'm Tum

Hello! I'm Preerati Terry, but my friends call me Tum.
I am a luxury massage therapist with 17 years experience based in Bournemouth, UK. Have worked in 5* hotels mainly Thailand, Maldives and UK.
My clients are mostly professionals and people who work long hours everyday. They have to have the time to relax and enjoy life. I really love my job because every person that comes to me is looking for something different – either they have a specific problem or they just want to feel better in general. It's nice to see how all these different people react differently to what I do. Every session is unique, even if it's the same treatment over and over again.

My value is that I take time to understand your needs and then I will tailor my treatment to suit this. My approach is to consider you a whole person and not simply a body massaged. I will listen carefully to your needs, as I am sure you will have many. This careful attention can help you relax and enjoy the experience.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything."


Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage provides a restorative and holistic approach to relaxation by using gentle, rhythmic manipulation to stretch your muscles.


Hot Stone Massage

The Hot Stone Massage service is designed to provide a soothing and calming experience, aimed at alleviating tension in your muscles and soothing any damaged soft tissues.

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Thai Deep Tissue Massage

This particular service incorporates a combination of the traditional Thai Massage technique along with Deep Tissue massage. It involves applying medium to firm pressure by using the thumb and elbow


Pregnancy Massage

This Pregnancy Massage service shares similarities to a relaxing massage with the purpose of easing tense muscles, improving circulation and mobility, and addressing sore spots for expectant mothers.


Deep Tissue Massage

This Deep Tissue Massage service utilizes a firm pressure technique to relieve tension and alleviate circulation issues by utilizing a blend of medium to deep pressure. It's an ideal treatment for individuals struggling with tight muscles or poor circulation.


Relaxation Massage

This Relaxation Massage service involves the use of gentle long strokes to effectively increase blood flow, as well as to release tension and promote stress relief.


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Frequently Asked Question

  • Are There Any Fees for Cancellations?
    You can cancel your session 24 hours before.
  • What Is The Best Frequency For A Massage?
    Pain, tension, and stress can all be effectively managed with massage therapy. The ideal number of sessions per week will be determined by your needs. Selecting a day and time window that works well for both you and your therapists is crucial because, on sometimes, their schedules fluctuate from regular days. Make every effort to prepare ahead to minimize disappointments.
  • Can I change my therapy at last moment?
    Yes, you can change your treatment anytime after your booking.
  • What Can I Anticipate From My Initial Visit for Massage Therapy?
    We will inquire about your general well-being and the parts of your body that are hurting. Additionally, they might conduct some evaluations to see if the therapy would be helpful in treating the patient's condition, see if there are any additional health issues (like allergies), and see how well-informed methods can reduce the pain experienced by those who suffer from massages without compromising their level of relaxation in any way!
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